Post Herpetic Neuralgia/ Post Herpetic Inflammation

Many people with herpes don’t experience sores or eruptions on their skin- instead they get burning, tingling, itching, throbbing and painful internal symptoms. These symptoms can also include icy or stabbing sensations and numbness. The medical profession refuses to acknowledge this under-discussed and poorly understood aspect of having herpes, which can make life far more frustrating for those seeking help.

The bad news is that Post Herpetic Inflammation symptoms can last for months or years without being properly treated by the right herbs, supplements and behaviour modification.

The good news is that these symptoms will always eventually go away, even without proper treatment and that there is usually no permanent damage.

I have specific, targeted holistic protocols for Post Herpetic Neuralgia/Inflammation that have had a high rate of success. Contact me if you are suffering from these symptoms and would like to treat them naturally.

Condoms Offer Little or No Protection Against Herpes and HPV

I’m going to try breaking down Herpes myths one by one

Myth: Condoms protect against Herpes.

Condoms offer almost no protection against Herpes.

Condoms slip during use and often slip off or break. There is no compelling evidence that even an intact condom is an effective means of preventing Herpes infection since the virus can be shed from anywhere where there is skin.

To prevent infecting others with Herpes treat your Herpes naturally or with drug therapy, and strongly consider using my Red Marine Algae Antiviral Sex Gel

Please feel free to ask for a phone consultation with me or read my book to find out more about safe, effective natural Herpes treatment.

Christopher Scipio Herbalist Holistic Viral Specialist